Kabusecha - Tsuyuhikari
Kabusecha - Tsuyuhikari

Kabusecha - Tsuyuhikari

This tea has dark green leaves and a delicate floral scent. When brewed, the liquor is light green and produces an aroma that is reminiscent of cherry blossoms. The tea has a delicate sweetness and refreshing aftertaste.

What is Kabusecha? (pronounced: kah-boo-seh-cha)
Kabusecha (かぶせ茶) literally translates as “covered tea,” and is a type of green tea that has been shade-grown for a couple of days before harvest. The shading process limits the bitter and astringent qualities while increasing the colour and softness of the leaf.

In the Yame region, the leaves are covered for about 7 days and are harvested while the leaves are still young, soft, and rich in umami.

Kabusecha is known to have the best qualities of both Gyokuro (the finest-grade of green tea that is shaded for over 16 days before harvest) and Sencha (green teas that are sun-grown or shaded for less than 7 days).

Tasting Notes

Green beans
Grass stems
Cherry blossoms



Tea Origin

Yame, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Single origin


Tsuyuhikari (つゆひかり)

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