Baisen Kōcha | 焙煎紅茶

Baisen Kōcha | 焙煎紅茶

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Baisen (焙煎) means "roasting" in Japanese, and this unique black tea undergoes a meticulous roasting process for over 20 hours.

The slow-roasting process allows for a deeper development of flavour and aroma. Before hot water is added, you can already sense a sweet, caramelly fragrance emanating from the leaves, but once the water hits, the scent becomes more pronounced and complex. This tea has a rounded mouthfeel and condensed flavour that is entirely free of bitterness or astringency.

Origin: Gokasechō, Miyazaki, Japan

Cultivar: Yamanami (やまなみ) | Single estate

Harvest date: April 2021

Shading: none

Tasting notes: Caramel | Malt | Fruity

Leaf: 4g

Water: 300ml

Temperature: 100°C

Steeping time: 4 min