Ichō Kamairicha | 萎凋釜炒り茶

Ichō Kamairicha | 萎凋釜炒り茶

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Size 30g

This tea is something special. We've never come across anything quite like this before. 

This fragrant tea is made by withering and oxidizing the leaves to give them a flowerlike scent, called ichōka (萎凋香). Japanese teas are rarely withered, in order to keep their fresh and grassy flavours. 

Once the leaves are pan-fried to halt further oxidation, they are manually roasted for 10 to 20 hours using a Taiwanese roaster. The result is a satisfying and mildly sweet tea with little to no bitterness or astringency, reminiscent of lightly fermented oolong teas.


Origin: Gokasechō, Miyazaki, Japan

Cultivar: Fūshun (ふうしゅん)

Harvest date: Mid May, 2021

Shading: None

Tasting notes: Baked sweet potato | Muscat | Floral

Winner of Nihoncha Award 2021

Leaf: 6g
Water: 240ml
Temperature: 90°C
Steeping time: 60 seconds