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About Us


My name is Avery, and I'm the founder of The Green Tea Shop.

I was born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan, and have been surrounded by the soothing aromas and delicately balanced flavours of locally sourced green teas that enriched my appreciation of daily life. My favourite type of green tea is Sencha, which is the most popular in Japan. Whenever I brew a cup of Sencha, I always feel calm, relaxed, and content.

When life took me to Toronto, Canada, I noticed that Sencha wasn't as popular as other types of Japanese green tea. At first, it seemed that this was because people found Sencha to be too bitter. But it turns out that most people had never been exposed to properly brewed, excellent green tea.

I felt that I could make Sencha more approachable and help many people experience it's wonderful flavour by:

- showing people that brewing a cup of great cup of green tea was easier than they thought and that properly brewing tea vastly improves the flavour, and,

- introducing people to high-quality teas from Kyushu, the region where I grew up. Teas from Kyushu are renowned for their naturally sweet flavours, as the locals here have a sweet tooth. (Even soy sauce is sweeter here!)

From the moment your journey with us begins, we'll introduce you to many varieties of tea, preparation methods, and ways to savour your new favourite drink. To ensure you enjoy every step of the process, we've clarified and simplified the brewing techniques, imported irresistible teas, and added tasting notes to guide you in your explorations.

We hope you will enjoy your journey with us.