(Re)discover Japanese green tea

Find serenity, delight your palate and enjoy the pleasure of a fine Japanese tea. Our careful selection of single-estate teas, handcrafted blends, and organic choices ensure that you’ll find your perfect tea.

The Kyushu Terroir

We source our teas directly from tea farmers in Kyushu; an island in southwest Japan and where we grew up.

Kyushu is a major tea-producing area of Japan, and its teas are noted for their naturally sweet flavors. Kyushu also grows many unique types of teas and cultivars unavailable elsewhere.

We take the time to choose our teas with care, and we're proud to offer a carefully curated selection of exceptional teas.

Authentic and effortless tea experience

We've dedicated ourselves to offering a new kind of tea experience that fits our modern lifestyle.

From brewing instructions on our packaging to artisanal teaware and top-quality tools for your at-home tea time, we hope you'll enjoy every step of your journey with us.

How to brew Japanese green tea

tea poem

One sip, and I felt

I could awake once and for all

From this long sleep, clouded

By the impurities of this world