Kirari 31 Sencha | 煎茶きらり31

Kirari 31 Sencha | 煎茶きらり31

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Size 50g

Kirari 31 is a cultivar that is gaining interest for its high amino acid content, vibrant green colour, and its sweet aroma.

This tea comes from a young tea shrub that was planted five years ago. The sun-drenched leaves have an attractive colour, and produce a gorgeous bright green brew with a silky mouthfeel.

Our producer has chosen not to shade the leaves this year, allowing them to bask in the sun to produce a more refreshing aftertaste. They plan on shading the leaves for 2022, so this is the only year where you can enjoy this specific flavour!

Origin: Yame, Fukuoka, Japan

Cultivar: Kirari 31 (きらり31) | Single estate

Harvest date: April 24th, 2021

Shading: None

Tasting notes: Peach | Cucumber | Mellow umami

Leaf: 6g

Water temperature: 65 - 90°C

Water quantity: 240ml

Steeping time: 30 - 60 seconds

This tea can be steeped at a wide range of temperatures and tastes great either way. Just make sure to adjust the steeping time accordingly. (i.e., the hotter the water is, the shorter the steeping time, and vice versa)