How to Brew Large Amounts of Japanese Green Tea

Japanese green teas pair well with various types of meals and is great to have on the table when you're expecting company. 

The simplest way to steep a large quantity of tea is, of course, to use a larger teapot. Dobin (土瓶) teapots, as well as teapots designed for black tea, usually have a capacity of about 1000ml (33oz), which can make the brewing process quite easy. 

If you don't have a large teapot, don't worry! This quick and easy recipe will make a large batch of tea in no time.

Brewing Guide

1. Put 10g of tea leaves into the teapot

2. Pour 300ml of water over the leaves

To make Sencha and Tamaryokucha, use water at a temperature of 70°C - 80°C; to make Kamairicha, use water at a temperature of 80°C - 90°C; and to make Hōjicha and Genmaicha, use water at a temperature of 90°C - 100°C.

    3. Steep for 30 - 60 seconds

    Hōjicha and Genmaicha should steep for around 30 seconds, and other types of tea should steep for around 60 seconds. 

    4. Pour into a large pitcher 

    When the tea has steeped for the appropriate time, pour it from the teapot into a different vessel.

    5. Repeat the same steps for the second brew and third brew

    We recommend increasing the water temperature by 5°C for each consecutive brew. Steeping time is not required, as the leaves are already open, and steeping for too long can make the tea taste too bitter or astringent. 



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