Tea Cultivar Profile: Okuyutaka


Okuyutaka (おくゆたか) literally translates as "deep rich" (Oku means "deep” and Yutaka means "rich" or "abundant"). 

As its name indicates, this cultivar is known for its deep green leaves and rich flavour.


In 1958, cross-breeding experiments were conducted in Kanazawa. Seedlings from all over the country were selected. Since 1967, the cultivar went through multiple tests such as phylogenetic comparison tests, local adaptability tests, and characteristics tests that indicated its merit. As a result, the cultivar was officially registered by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in 1983. 


This cultivar produces excellent sencha. The leaves are low in tannin and rich in amino acids. As a result, the tea you brew will be naturally sweet and rich in umami.

  • Other notable characteristics of this cultivar are: 
  • Deep green leaves
  • Green or yellow-green liquor
  • Aromas of milk or coconut milk. Sweet. Refreshing. Grassy.
  • Umami, warm, vibrant flavour, strong sweetness


Reference: 新版 茶の品種

Cultivar Okuyutaka Profile

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