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Tea Cultivar Profile: Tsuyuhikari


Tsuyuhikari (つゆひかり) is pronounced as tsu-YOU-he-kah-ree.

The name literally translates as "dew light." (Tsuyu means "dew" and Hikari means "light.") 

The name Tsuyuhikari combines the last two syllables of Asatsuyu (parent cultivar of Tsuyuhikari) with the Japanese word for light, reflecting the hope that this new cultivar will bring light to the tea industry. 


Tsuyuhikari was created in 1970 in Shizuoka Prefecture, as a result of crossbreeding between Asatsuyu (あさつゆ) and Shizu 7132 (静7132). 

The cultivar was named Tsuyuhikari in 2000 after passing tests for its yield potential, characteristics, and land compatibility. In 2003, it was officially registered as a new cultivar. 


Because Tsuyuhikari is created through crossing Asatsuyu and Shizu 7132, it inherits the positive characteristics of these cultivars. 

Tsuyuhikari concentrates the robust umami and rich flavour of Asatsuyu, as well as the refreshing aroma reminiscent of sakura cherry blossoms, which is one of the distinguishing features of Shizu 7132.

Other characteristics of Tsuyuhikari are:

  • Bright green leaf
  • Distinct aroma reminiscent of sakura leaves, kusa mochi (Japanese rice cake with mugwort herb). Floral, minty, refreshing quality.
  • Emerald green water colour
  • Rich in umami, flavourful

Interested in tasting Tsuyuhikari? 

Reference: 新版 茶の品種

Cultivar Japanese green tea Profile Tsuyuhikari

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