Tamaryokucha | 玉緑茶

Tamaryokucha | 玉緑茶

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Size 50g

Tamaryokucha is a speciality green tea that skips the final rolling process. The result is a mellow flavour and finish that is delightfully smooth. This tea is well-balanced, with vegetal sweetness with notes of roasted soy beans. 

Origin: Ureshino, Saga, Japan

Cultivar: Yabukita (やぶきた) and Saemidori (さえみどり)

Harvest date: April 24th - late April, 2021

Shading: 10 days

Tasting notes: Steamed vegetables | Roasted soy beans | Mellow

Leaves: 8g

Water quantity: 240ml

Water temperature: 70°C

Steeping time: 90 - 120 seconds