Tokkyū Yabukita Asamushi Sencha | 特級浅蒸し煎茶やぶきた

Tokkyū Yabukita Asamushi Sencha | 特級浅蒸し煎茶やぶきた

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Size 50g

This competition grade sencha is what we consider to be a "special occasion" tea.

The leaves have been grown in a specially designated area and then sorted with extra care to ensure its exceptional quality and taste.

It's lightly-steamed leaves produce a clear, coloured tea with a refreshing aroma. It is very rich and flavourful but not overpowering. It features a subtle sweetness--almost fruity flavour--that makes for an excellent treat any time of the day.

Did you know? Tokkyū (特級) means premium.

Origin: Yame, Fukuoka, Japan

Cultivar: Yabukita (やぶきた) | Single estate

Harvest date: April 27th, 2019

Shading: 14 days

Tasting notes: Asparagus | Pear | Elegant

Leaf: 8g

Water temperature: 70°C - 80°C

Water quantity: 240ml

Steeping time: 90 - 120 seconds