Yabukita Kamairicha | 釜炒り茶やぶきた

Yabukita Kamairicha | 釜炒り茶やぶきた

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Size 50g

This is our best selling tea from our shop!

This pan-fired tea is the perfect everyday sipping tea for tea drinkers that favour a light-bodied and refreshing finish. It has a beautiful aroma and nutty flavour with a hint of smokiness.


Origin: Ureshino, Saga, Japan

Cultivar: Yabukita (やぶきた)

Harvest date: Mid April, 2021

Shading: 10+ days

Tasting notes: Roasted chestnut | Sesame | Smoke

Leaf: 8g

Water temperature: 80°C

Water quantity: 240ml

Steeping time: 60 seconds